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Taco Nation Revenue Model

Preaching by example

Taco Nation Objective

CFL overall objective is to develop financial sustainability. Following its own principles, CFL develops its own financial self-sufficiency tool to set a model for stakeholders and  clients with the creation of Taco Nation.

Ready for Launching: Taco Nation's brand, systems, menu & team are ready to be developed and launched as soon as funding is accomplished. 

1. Develop revenue for CFL’s nonprofit activities: incubator, rent, staff salaries and others;
2. Provide jobs for the Cambridge community.
3. Provide a healthy, affordable and tasty food alternative for the Cambridge and sorrounding communities
4.Provide a front of the house space for entrepreneur to test restaurant concepts
Taco Nation follows a restaurant business model that has proven very successful in college towns: Mexican / Burrito QSRs (quick service restaurant). This model, at the local level, emulates the successful chain Anna’s Taqueria restaurant that sells large amounts of fresh, fast, healthy, and affordable food to young professionals and college students with a simple and straightforward menu.

CFL Self- Sufficiency Process and Model

Other Important Sources of Revenue for CFL

Corporate Partnerships: the value of investing in the Cambridge Food Lab and Taco Nation

In order for the Cambridge Food Lab to develops its own space, we need to fundraise $1,250,000. This could have taken us about 2-3 years working with an aggressive fundraising capital campaign based on grants and donations. Our solution: to develop a revenue development tool (Taco Nation) with an original loan of 350K. With a resource like Taco Nation, the Cambridge Food Lab could comfortably count with 250K-400K per year for its non-profit operations. Our first goal is to access the needed 350K loan to develop Taco Nation and rent CFL space. CFL is looking for a loan instead of developing a fundraising campaign simply because Taco Nation could generate the needed revenue to start operating in less than a year. With this model, CFL could fully repay the loan within 5-7 years.
The CFL potential for revenue development goes far beyond Taco Nation: After 6-8 months of starting operating CFL team will develop a catering operation that will bring about 60K per year in profits. Another potentially significant source of revenue and in-kind donations is partnering with local companies and developing a sponsorship program.  We are also considering the potential of developing revenue from classes, consulting fees and rentals. Another important and the most significant source of revenue for non-profits is applying for grants and charitable donations, our last funding option. 
Companies working in Cambridge are hosted by our city and residents. Supporting the Cambridge Food Lab is an effective way to add value to corporate sponsorship investments while showing a solid commitment to our community.
At the Cambridge Food Lab, we understand the need of corporate partners to develop value from sponsorships. In order to accomplish that we will provide our supporting partners, lenders, and/or donors with all the needed recognition in our marketing collateral and space
Location, location, location...
One of our desired locations for Taco Nation and the Cambridge Food Lab quarters is the former location of Carberry’s Bakery & Coffee House, located at 74 Prospect St. Cambridge, MA 02139

This is the ideal location for us due to its large space, great location and access to a parking lot (festival/ events). At this location, we will use the front store as Taco Nation and the rest of the space for the operations of the Cambridge Food Lab. Here we are planning to build two extra industrial kitchens, offices, storage, and food bank. The rest of the space consist of a second floor, an extra 1,000 sq./ foot in the 1st floors, a basement, and a large parking lot in Downtown Cambridge. The rent of this space is 10K per month.

Launching Taco Nation in the Greater Boston Market
Our Communications Campaign includes an aggressive ‘launching attitude’ that includes investing 15K in an opening reception, local food publications (Improper Bostonian, Cambridge Tab, DigBoston) and institutional publications (MIT and Harvard, CIC, etc.), online and print. This is a regular practice among the restaurant community, intended to motivate local publications to learn about new ventures, cover, and write articles on them.  Taco Nation / CFL Communications Campaign will emphasize the fact that dollars spent in Taco Nation are reinvested in the Cambridge community.

Important details about Taco Nation:
The restaurant will hire only Cambridge residents while the Cambridge Food Lab is intended to serve the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Taco Nation will also include a delivery service element while working with the 3 most relevant delivery companies:Foodler, Doordash and Grubhub. The consumption of delivered food has become a part of the Millennials’ demographic lifestyle. A switch in consuming habits trends had transferred around 15-18% of profits from in–person to vs. delivery in the QSR industry in ‘college markets’ on 2012-2015 according to the publication All employees will make a minimum of $13 per hour at the restaurant. This will be possible due to the revenue-generating perspective of the restaurant, with profits to be distributed between the workers and the Cambridge Food Lab. The entry level hourly rate for QSR workers in Cambridge is $10 /hour, CFL will pay 30% more than the market standard. The restaurant will run for the first three years with part-time workers until it develops enough revenue to higher full-time employees with full benefits.
Taco Nation will keep a well defined and different brand then Cambridge Food Lab. The restaurant doesn’t make ‘branding an effort’ to related to CFL while CFL always mentions the relations with the restaurant. Taco Nation will be open Tuesday - Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Having a ‘day-off’ at the restaurant will allow us to use the restaurant premises for events and as a test restaurant
We have a full Business Plan for Taco Nation and the Cambridge Food Lab (3 years’ financial forecast) available upon request for investors, lenders, and donors. Mexican QSR restaurants are highly successful in college towns developing about 25%- 33% overall profit vs. other models. Most successful Mexican QSRs in Cambridge make about 900K – 3 million per year in gross sales, with Felipe's, located in Harvard sq. as the most successful model. For details on our projections please visit the Taco Nation Pitch tab, or request our business plan.