The Cambridge Food Lab Incubator 
Partnering with La Cocina (
In collaboration with La Cocina (San Francisco) CFL will bring and develop a similar restaurant incubator, recruitment and selection systems to Massachusetts. La Cocina is one of the most well-established restaurant incubators in the US with a high number of successfully developed businesses. The difference between the Cambridge Food Lab vs La Cocina is our revenue generating restaurant Taco Nation. Get to know La Cocina in this 4-minute video:


After 6-8 months (phase 2) of opening Taco Nation, the Cambridge Food Lab will start its incubator operations with the revenue generated by the restaurant. Starting operation for the Cambridge Food Lab consists of starting paying salaries for its staff and developing a physical space that will focus on:

1- Offering business development classes and workshops, so operators can learn more about business administration, marketing, and development. CFL will provide marketing, branding, and graphic design staff or independent contractors that handle the clients’ needs while also helping individual operators in areas like social media, signs, fliers, etc.
2- Entrepreneurs will apply to the Incubator Program. The Incubator will assist in Branding and Marketing, Product development and production systems development and finances: every step to put a Business Plan together and pitch to an investor.
3- The incubator will support and help entrepreneurs with Package Food Products (package and distribution), Food Trucks, Catering and Restaurants
4- Our research showed that a great number of failed first-time restaurant operators didn’t have the appropriate business approach when opened a restaurant. A classic example of failed operator is a seasoned working chef that has little knowledge of the business side of a restaurant: marketing, profits vs loss, payroll and inventory analysis, maximization, systems development, lease negotiation skills, etc. Placing their hopes into developing and retaining a market because only of their high product value and quality. We aim to teach with the example and the data gathered from our working restaurant will be a working tool available to our clients. This is a rare tool available since restaurants are very private and jealous with their revenue generation data.
5- Letting operators explore new concepts before opening their doors to the public, providing access to a kitchen, equipment, business planning, and revenue potential options, marketing, and branding options.
6- Helping aspiring entrepreneurs, chefs and food operators to enter the Massachusetts marketplace ahead of a full restaurant launch. This considering the current regulatory and licensing environment at the local and state levels.
7- Connect participants with funding sources and assist them in acquiring the needed requirements to qualify for funding.
8- Linking participants with the best area food suppliers, equipment vendors, interior designers and business experts.
9- Providing a working kitchen and front house space for testing their concepts on real diners.

Each developed restaurant economy affects directly 10-15 (40-60 individuals) families with a new income. Our intention is to develop one restaurant every two months in the first year of operations of the Incubator program